“Cellars, Caskets, and Closets” to appear in the first issue of Baffling Mag from Neon Hemlock Press

I’m very pleased to announce that I will have a short story in the first issue of Baffling Magazine titled “Cellars, Caskets, and Closets” from Neon Hemlock Press, edited by Craig L. Gidney and dave ring.

This will be a quarterly online publication of speculative fiction with a queer perspective. The story I’ve written attempts to look at something we in the LGBTQ community, have all faced at some point.

Coming out.

No one wants to live their life in a closet, nor should anyone have to live under the oppressive weight of heteronormativity that has conditioned us to believe otherwise.

I wrote this piece from my own experiences to also underscore the importance of saying, and to quote La Cage aux Folles, I am what I am. We are what we are.

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A Walk in a Darker Wood Folk Horror Anthology

I’ve been working on a new installment in the Cyber Gods saga and I’m extremely happy to announce that my short story, Night Worms: #naigothiscoming will appear in A Walk in a Darker Wood anthology edited by Sarah Walker, Duane Pesice, and Gordon B. White coming soon from Oxygen Man Books.

Cover artwork designed by Dan Sauer with interior artwork by Rebecca Allred.

The Kickstarter had launched and is already over 40% percent funded!

Check out the link to the campaign HERE.

See the full list of authors:

  • Chelsea Arrington
  • Hayley Arrington
  • Adam Bolivar
  • Phil Breach
  • Scott J. Couturier
  • Ashley Dioses
  •  S. L. Edwards 
  • Maxwell I. Gold
  • John Linwood Grant
  • Jill Hand
  • John H. Howard
  • Shayne K. Keen
  • David Myers
  •  K. A. Opperman 
  • Duane Pesice
  • Rachel E. Robinson
  •  A. P. Sessler 
  • Russell Smeaton
  • Sarah Walker 
  •  Gordon B. White 
  • Can Wiggins
  • Ivan Zoric

June Writing Updates

June was a busy month. Despite the increasing chaos that seems nonstop in the world, that didn’t stop the motivation to write. There’s always work to be done.

The month began with an my prose poem Asphyxia which will appear in Chiral Mad 5, edited by Bram Stoker Award winning editor Michael Bailey. This anthology features a chorus of brilliant and powerful writers, coming together to make something absolutely beautiful. Authors include Linda D. Addison, Jamal Hodge, Christina Sng, and others. Not to mention, ALL proceeds will go towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

The campaign is fully funded, however, if we meet other stretch goals than more underrepresented voices can be heard. Check out the link to campaign HERE.

The full contents for Weirdbook #43 has been announced which includes my short flash piece, A Sum Total and should be available for purchase soon.

Check back here or at Weirdbook’s site for details. Also, for more Weirbook, my poem The Old White Crone appeared in Weirbook #40.

Recently, I wrote a story called The Fisherman’s Last Call which has been accepted into a new anthology titled Tales from OmniPark from House Blackwood edited by Ben Thomas. This anthology will include 13 original stories from leading voices in the weird fiction community including Gemma Files, Orrin Grey, Jesse Bullington, Alicia Hilton, and others.

I’ve been working on several projects that still remain under wraps as it were for the time being. I hope to reveal more information in the coming months so stay tuned!

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