Table of Contents for Startling Stories #1! “Hazthrog’s Contempt”

A relaunch of the pulp magazine classic, “Startling Stories” edited by Douglas Draa. My prose piece Hazthrog’s Contempt is slated to be featured in this upcoming publication!

The original magazine ran from 1939 to 1955 and was published Ned Pines’ Standard Magazines.

The magazine saw literary titans such as Arthur C. Clarke and his story Against the Fall of Night, including the father of science fiction, Isaac Asimov

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Startling Stories 1


Cradle of the Deep By Mike Chinn 
Invasion of the Deadly Brain from Alpha IX By Scott Emerson
Evidence in the Mirror By Herb Kauderer
Mothership By Stephen Persing
Payload By M. Stern
New Life By Mark Slade
Red Dragon By Shadrick Beechem
Snack time By Franklyn Searight
Amiri By Nicloe Kurtz
Sticks and Stones By John B. Rosenman
T. Gips and the Time Flies By Ahmed A. Khan
The Angry Planet By DJ Tyrer
The Blood Red Sky of Mars By Adrian Cole
The Heart of a Hitman By Rie Sheridan Rose
The Kidnapped Prince By Cynthia Ward
The Outpost, Outside By Larry Hinkle
The Vaults of Ban-Erach By Steve Dilks
Totality By Andre E. Harewood
Triplet Cross By Patrick S. Baker
Sea Bound-1 By Eddie D. Moore
Defiant, Deviant, Devoid of Soul By Russel Hemmell


Carrion Rush By Phil Emery
Hazthrog’s Contempt By Max Gold


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