NEW Caravans Awry Anthology!

Come one! Come all! Come see the evil lurking under the big top! Planet X Publishers, the creators of the Test Patterns and Creature Features anthologies are boiling up a brand new publication.

Caravans Awry is a carnival themed anthology set during the 1960’s, taking place along historic Route 66 through a series of unconnected stories about an evil circus. I know, pretty right? I already bought my copies…

There is a wonderful line up of contributors for this upcoming anthology:

  • Michael Adams
  • Adam Bolivar
  • Scott Couturier
  • Ashley Dioses
    Sam L Edwards
  • John Paul Fitch
  • Maxwell Gold
  • John Linwood Grant
  • Jill Hand
  • Ted Morgan
  • KA Opperman
  • Duane Pesice
  • Peter Rawlik
  • Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
  • Russell Smeaton
  • William Tea
  • Sarah Walker
  • Can Wiggins

Please support this wonderfully dark new publication by going to the Caravans Awry GoFundMe Page.

2.00 gets you an ebook.
15.00 gets you a paperback and an ebook.
25.00 gets you a hardcover and an ebook.

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