“The Twentieth Day” in Hinnom Magazine #009 and other updates!


Greetings from the Wells,

It has been awhile since my last post here and I have some updates to share. My newest prose poem, “The Twentieth Day” is now available in Hinnom Magazine 009. The publication is edited by Charles P. Dunphey and I’m very pleased to have a piece in what has been dubbed as the successor to “Weird Tales.”

Gehenna and Hinnom, from its biblical roots was typically a place where the unwanteds of the world were discarded. This magazine supports new and upcoming authors, promoting weird fiction, and I am grateful to those who find value not only in my work but the work of the many authors who have been published by them.

Make sure to check out the kindle version of the magazine here. Print version will be available soon!

Hinnom Magazine Issue 009

In other news, my latest and first short story, “The Price of Admission” was published in a brand new anthology  Caravan’s Awry, edited by Duane Pesice from Planet X Publishers. This table of contents is stacked with a slew of veteran authors and new ones, such as myself in a brilliantly themed anthology with evil ringmasters, possessed carnivals, and more!

Check it out here! Print version coming soon!

The musical is also coming along. The libretto is taking shape and I will have some more demos to post hopefully within the coming months.

Until next time…

Fearfully Yrs,

M.I. Gold


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