Imaginarium Convention News, Strange Stories of the Seas and More Updates…

Greetings from the Wells,

It has been a busy couple of months and while I have said I intended to post more on here, I’ll do my best to make updates despite their infrequency. Within the last several weeks I’m happy to report new story and poetry acceptances.

The City That Never Was, which will appear in the latest anthology, Strange Stories of the Sea from Planet X Publications, tells the chilling tale of a narrator who answers the call from a distant faceless god, wandering towards a crumbling city of light. Another installment in the ever growing Cyber Gods mythos.

I’ll post another update once the anthology is live. I’ll have my prose poem, “The Helmet of Pluto” featured in the Summer Solstice 2019 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer, for the very first time, which is very exciting. I must also give a special shout out to my good friend Scott Couturier, as this will be one of many table of contents that we’ll share together this year; including the next two issues of Spectral Realms! My pieces “The God of Phlegm” and “Ghebulax” will appear in issues This year has been one of growth, not only for me personally, but for my writing endeavors as well. I also wanted to extend a very special thank you to a mentor who’s been nothing but supportive to me since we were paired up through the Horror Writer’s Association Mentor Program. Linda Addison has been nothing short of amazing. Her constant encouragement and relentless optimism, truly is a light burning brightly even amid the darkest of voids.

In October I will be hosting a workshop at this year’s Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY. My workshop is geared towards writers who wish to focus on elevating loquaciousness and prose in their writing. Apart from wordplay, the goal of the workshop is to have writers be able to enhance the notion of “building up to a sensation” by way of prose.

That is all for now! I’ll be sure to really try and post more.

Until next time.

Fearfully Yrs,

Maxwell I. Gold

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