Greetings from the Wells,

As some of you have already been made aware, my story “The Price of Admission” has been nominated in the category of Best Short Story for an Imadjinn Award at this year’s Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY.

You can check out all the finalists at the link HERE.

I am beyond humbled to have my work recognized among the ranks of so many other extremely talented writers. I’ll probably be thanking people for awhile, including my mentor Linda Addison, but there are so many writers including the entire contents of Caravan’s Awry, without whom this would not even be a possibility. Specifically, the work of Duane Pesice and Michael Adams to bring this anthology to fruition, is a show of unyielding dedication to new and established writers.

Check out the link to purchase the anthology HERE. : )

The convention will take place from October 11th – 13th this year and I’m ecstatic to take part. I’ll be on a couple of panels as well as hosting a workshop talking about creating more robust prose in one’s writing.

Friday October 11th:

7pm (Iroquois) WORKSHOP: “Suggestive Horror and Weird Fiction: Creating Sensation with Prose.”

Saturday October 12th:

10:15am (Heartland) Paranormal Realms Panel

12:45pm (Cumberland) The Writing Schedule Juggle Panel.

I will update this post as I get more information or if my schedule changes.

Fearfully Yrs.

Maxwell I. Gold

Greetings from the Wells,

I know it’s a little late to write a post-convention update, though it was quite the wild ride and I still miss everyone! I was able to forge some great friendships and have a few post-Necronomicon reflections:

Overall, the experience was like nothing I could have ever imagined. This was my first convention, let alone my first writer’s convention and I was beyond nervous. My social anxiety was through the roof, though that was quelled rather quickly. After meeting Craig Gidney on the plane and taking a Lyft back to the hotel I knew that this was by far, the most welcoming and open community of artists, writers, and poets. That night was a veritable festival at Mokban, where a bunch of us gathered for food and drink and some good conversation. That theme followed for the rest of the convention.

I ended up tagging along with Joshua Dinges, Matthew Bartlett and a few others who welcomed me with open arms and I stuck with them for the remainder of the weekend. There is so much to delve into, but the most present theme that remains with me, even after the convention: friendship and community.

On social media, it is easy to project how one may or may not feel. Behind those cyber walls, you never know the tone and tenor of someone’s voice or the inflection in their speech which lends itself to their intentions or their emotional attitudes. Most of my anxiety revolved around that and how welcoming the community would be.

I’m overjoyed that I was so wrong.

This is the central theme of my visit to the Necronomicon, friendship, community, and art. Normally, I am not this emotive, though I am so grateful to those in this community of artists (a term I’ve used frequently) for their generosity and kindness.

To all of my writers, weirdos, and poets…I’m so happy to call you my friends.


Maxwell I. Gold