Writing Updates from the Wells: Space and Time Magazine Winter issue #135 Acceptance

The God of Phlegm began initially after a conversation with Scott Couturier about the nature of politics and reality. The subsequent piece gave birth to the Demented God of Phlegm, Nath’Zrath, a being that was personified in the form of a horrid, globular network of various train tracks. For me, this particular Cyber God came from a darker place in human modern history, and my purpose in Nath’Zrath’s personification was not to necessarily horrify, but to convey the unimaginable and the unthinkable.

After Nath’Zrath’s first appearance in Spectral Realms #11, Crimson Faces arose as a piece that simply carried on the God of Phlegm’s legacy.

Crimson Faces will be published in issue #135 of Space and Time Magazine. You can also find my previously published poem, Four Million Years, which appeared in issue #134.

There’s quite the lineup of poets in this table of contents and I’m thrilled to share the pages of this issue with them. Make sure to keep and eye out for this issue, coming in Winter!

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