2020 was unexpected in terms of writing. It was a year of success as well as growth and development. I’ve learned so much about myself as a writer; my weaknesses, my strengths, where I want to change, what I don’t want to change, etc. Even so, I’m more determined than to refine prose poetry, particularly my own style of the sub-genre, and help make 2021 the year of dark poetry (hopefully dark prose poetry too!)

In 2020 my work appeared in 9 publications – which included 13 prose poems and 2 short stories.

Baffling Magazine, Neon Hemlock Press – My flash story Cellars, Caskets, and Closets was featured in issue No. 1. Edited by Craig L. Gidney and dave ring. (Click Here)

Spectral Realms No. 12, Hippocampus Press – My prose poems, Ghebulax, Carrion Dreams, and Dream Hackers appeared in this issue. Edited by S.T. Joshi. (Click Here)

Spectral Realms No. 13, Hippocampus Press – My prose poems, City of Skulls, Where the New Gods Dwell, and The Variant appeared in this issue. Edited by S.T. Joshi. (Click Here)

Weirdbook No. 43, Wildside Press – My prose poem A Sum Total appeared in the latest issue of Weirdbook. Edited by Doug Draa. (Click Here).

Star*Line 43.2 – My prose poem, Puppet of Wrath, Man of Ruin, appeared in the Sping 2020 issue of Star*Line. Edited by Vince Gotera (Click Here).

Mr. Miyagi’s Soggy Cereal, Hybrid Sequence Media – My prose poems, The Rave at Lilith’s Treehouse and Grotesqueries and Greyspaces both appeared in this tribute anthology. Edited by Donald Armfield (Click Here).

The Dark Corner Zine – My short story, The Secret of St. Cyr debuted in this issue. Unfortunately this issue is sold out.

A Walk in a Darker Wood, Oxygen Man Books – A narrative prose piece The Untold History of the Grimorium made an appearance in this folk horror anthology. Edited by Duane Pesice, Sarah Walker, and Gordon B. White (Click Here).

Space and Time Magazine Issue No. 139 – My prose poem The Mollusk God made it into another issue of Space and Time magazine, which is like being with family. I’m a little excited for this poem and excited for everyone to read it. Edited by Angela Yuriko Smith. Poetry Edited by Linda D. Addison (Click Here).

2020 Rhysling Anthology – My prose poem Crimson Faces which originally appeared in Space and Time Magazine was nominated for the Rhyslings this year (Click Here).

Another milestone for this year as the announcement of my debut poetry collection from Crystal Lake Publishing. The feeling remains a little surreal, though the excitement and anticipate are very palpable. Joe Mynhardt, from Crystal Lake, has been great to work with and I can’t wait to see where this path leads me. I’m so thankful that he and the others at Crystal Lake have found the same joy as I when it comes to prose poetry.

(See announcement from Crystal Lake here).

The title of the forthcoming collection is called, Oblivion in Flux and it will be all prose poetry with the introduction written by my good friend and mentor, Linda D. Addison.

Among other things I’m looking forward to in 2021 will be the upcoming anthology from Bram Stoker Award winner Michael Bailey, Chiral Mad 5 where my prose poem Asphyxia is slated to appear. There’s another project that I’ve been waiting on for some years now, that’s finally coming to fruition (years not being a joke). I wrote a prose poem called Hazthrog’s Contempt which was accepted for the debut No. 1 issue of Startling Stories from Wildside Press! (see older post) The first issue also features a story from SFPA Grandmaster Robert Silverberg!

I’ll have a short story, The Fisherman’s Last Call appearing in a new anthology from House Blackwood called Tales from Omnipark featuring authors that include Gemma Files, Brian Evenson, Orrin Grey, and more. In addition, I’ll have more poetry appearing in Spectral Realms and the second iteration of Penumbra; a new prose piece titled Summa Oblivia.

There are other projects simmering underneath the waves, but for the most part I’m very much looking forward to next year and hope that I can continue to learn and develop my craft.

I’m also grateful for the enduring friendships that I’ve managed to keep and the new ones that have blossomed in this bizarre, bleak year.

I’ll see everyone next year!

Stay weird, and write on!

The impressive volume of folk horror, A Walk in a Darker Wood is available now in paperback. It features a lineup of extremely talented poets and writers, many that I’m grateful to call my friends.

You can order your copy here.

My short prose fiction piece, The Untold History of the Grimorium, also makes a debut appearance in this anthology, edited by Duane Pesice, Sarah, Walker, and Gordon B. White. Their tireless effort has culminated in a beautifully bound tome, filled with dark, enigmatic words and esoteric tales.

I’m particularly excited about this story of mine, because it was developed initially as historical text, sort of like background data for my own mythos; notes and scribbles if you will. After touching this one up, I re-created it as a prose poem with a narrative. At any rate, read the story for yourself and again, you can order your copy here.

I’ve officially signed a contract with Crystal Lake Publishing for them to publish my debut prose poetry collection, ‘Oblivion in Flux.’

There’s still a lot of work to do, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone as we progress towards August, so stay tuned. I’ll make sure to keep up with more frequent posts.

My excitement is beaming because this will be the first single work I’ve published that showcases the Cyber Gods in their awful and wondrous beauty. I know I’ve been getting a lot of questions about when that day would come, and here it is.

Take a look at the official announcement from Crystal Lake Publishers!

New contract signed / poetry in 2021

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Stay weird and write on!