Writing Updates – January

Greetings from The Wells,

While it’s been a slow start to the year, I’ve managed to slap together a few prose pieces that I look forward to sharing with the world. Two that I’m particularly excited about, Grotesqueries and Greyspaces and When the Silence Had Eyes (The Saints of Darkness) struck me with a particular chill after I had completed them.

I’m hoping to send the out soon and we’ll see what happens then!

The anthology Trumpland: The Alternative History of the Future is slated to come out within a less than a few months with my prose sequence, Reves des Cyberdieux: A Nation in Three Acts and all proceeds for this anthology are going to benefit charity. Dan Sauer contributed his hand in creating some stunning and visually terrifying artwork. I can’t wait for you all to see it! I also want to thank Michael Parker for his relentless hard work in putting this anthology together.

Spectral Realms #12 comes out very soon (weeks in fact) and I’ll have three prose poems appearing in this issue:
Dream Hackers
-Carrion Dreams
All three play a part in my ongoing Cyber Gods Mythos. Make sure you follow either this post or my previous post to get your copy. The table of contents is stacked with so many fantastic and talented authors.

Until the next update, stay tuned and stay weird!

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