Trumpland: The Alternative History of the Future Anthology: Pre-Orders Available Now!

In an age where the shadows of complacency lay heavy on our political landscape and our minds; voices of dissent will continue to rise, molten with passionate reason until they break through to the surface. Contributing to the ongoing conversation of history and the march of progress is an essential duty for those who have the ability to do so. I can’t express how humbled I was to contribute to this anthology, and to share a table of contents with authors including Duane Pesice, Scott Couturier, Shayne Keen, Sarah Walker, and more. Dan Sauer has also stunned us again with is incomparable cover artistry.

I will have a prose cycle in three acts titled, “Rêves des Cyberdieux: A Nation in Three Acts” which appears in this anthology.

Make sure to pre-order your copy here. Paper back editions are coming soon.

Cover art by Daniel Sauer

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