2020 Rhysling Anthology Available now! “Crimson Faces” Nominated for Best Short Poem

The 2020 Rhysling Anthology, edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel is available now from the Science Fiction Poetry Association. My poem, Crimson Faces originally appeared in issue #135 of Space and Time Magazine.

Crimson Faces was initially written as a sequel to my prose, The God of Phlegm, which made its appearance in Spectral Realms #11. I’m still a little shocked to have my poetry recognized and to be in the ranks of some of the best poets out there. I also wanted to give a special thanks to my friend and mentor, Linda Addison for always pushing me to become a better prose writer! Thank you for everything.

You can purchase copies of the 2020 Rhysling Anthology here.

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