May Writing Updates and Assorted Reflections

I’ve been attempting to seclude myself from the toxicity of social media for a bit, due to the rather tense moments history seems to have us trapped in. Ponderous, I have been lately on the nature of the words we forge and the impact they have, sometimes without our awareness. I’ve always held the belief that we (writers, poets, artists in general) have a special responsibility, arguably an obligation, by the subsequent art that we produce.

Foucault equated all knowledge as power. Power and knowledge being inextricably linked, and essentially the same thing, at least for him. Words, inherently not only describe, but regulate the control (definition and flow of meaning). The words we produce, the art we make, and the meaning behind them hold the same knowledge, the same ability to define and influence historical change.

As for the words I’ve been creating this past month, or at least attempting to create, there have been some struggles, but overall the flow of words has begun to return. I’ve finished two new prose poems, Cellars, Caskets, and Closets and as for where that piece is being placed I cannot reveal… yet. And I finished a piece titled, Telos: The Anxiety of Choice.

There are two short stories nearing completion, and I’m very excited about a recent development related to my upcoming novella, A Dream of Falling Skies: Emanations, Inceptions, and Machinations of Me, however, I’m not able to disclose anything at the moment. Don’t worry. I’ll blast it into the Void soon enough.

The full table of contents for the Joe Pulver charity anthology Nightmares in Yellow edited by Duane Pesice was announced featuring my story naigoth.carcosa.exe, a story I’m extremely proud of and had a great time writing. Also, Douglas Draa released five cover proofs for upcoming Weirdbook issues of which I will be appearing in two (issues #43 and #44). The full contents for issue #43 was announced where my story A Sum Total will appear.

That’s all for now. Check back here for updates!

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