A Walk in a Darker Wood Folk Horror Anthology

I’ve been working on a new installment in the Cyber Gods saga and I’m extremely happy to announce that my short story, Night Worms: #naigothiscoming will appear in A Walk in a Darker Wood anthology edited by Sarah Walker, Duane Pesice, and Gordon B. White coming soon from Oxygen Man Books.

Cover artwork designed by Dan Sauer with interior artwork by Rebecca Allred.

The Kickstarter had launched and is already over 40% percent funded!

Check out the link to the campaign HERE.

See the full list of authors:

  • Chelsea Arrington
  • Hayley Arrington
  • Adam Bolivar
  • Phil Breach
  • Scott J. Couturier
  • Ashley Dioses
  •  S. L. Edwards 
  • Maxwell I. Gold
  • John Linwood Grant
  • Jill Hand
  • John H. Howard
  • Shayne K. Keen
  • David Myers
  •  K. A. Opperman 
  • Duane Pesice
  • Rachel E. Robinson
  •  A. P. Sessler 
  • Russell Smeaton
  • Sarah Walker 
  •  Gordon B. White 
  • Can Wiggins
  • Ivan Zoric

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