“Cellars, Caskets, and Closets” to appear in the first issue of Baffling Mag from Neon Hemlock Press

I’m very pleased to announce that I will have a short story in the first issue of Baffling Magazine titled “Cellars, Caskets, and Closets” from Neon Hemlock Press, edited by Craig L. Gidney and dave ring.

This will be a quarterly online publication of speculative fiction with a queer perspective. The story I’ve written attempts to look at something we in the LGBTQ community, have all faced at some point.

Coming out.

No one wants to live their life in a closet, nor should anyone have to live under the oppressive weight of heteronormativity that has conditioned us to believe otherwise.

I wrote this piece from my own experiences to also underscore the importance of saying, and to quote La Cage aux Folles, I am what I am. We are what we are.

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