No Longer Lost in Hinnom: Thank You for Believing in Me, Charles.

I struggled greatly on how to start this post. I’m sure as many have already heard, Gehenna and Hinnom Books has closed their doors and the weird fiction world has lost a real jewel. I’m not going to talk about anything relating to Gehenna & Hinnom, or any business matters therein.

Bittersweetly, this post is meant as an open letter to a dear friend, C.P. Dunphey. One filled with sincere gratitude and hope.

Thank you, Charles. Thank you for being a consistent well of enthusiasm, hope, and motivation. When we met I was still very new to the writing community, and you were welcoming and uplifting, a haven for new voices and ideas. You cradled the Cyber Gods before they even left their ancient galactic abodes, giving them a chance. And you gave me a chance, helping me to step out of the shadows ever so slightly and into the light.

This is not a time for sadness, but one for hope, even if it is bittersweet. So, thank you for believing in me, Charles. Thank you for believing in independent authors and maybe one day, we’ll find ourselves wandering through the Valley of Gehenna and Hinnom again .

Your dear friend,


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