A Walk in a Darker Wood: An Anthology of Folk Horror LIVE! – My story ‘The Untold History of the Grimorium’ available.

The impressive volume of folk horror, A Walk in a Darker Wood is available now in paperback. It features a lineup of extremely talented poets and writers, many that I’m grateful to call my friends.

You can order your copy here.

My short prose fiction piece, The Untold History of the Grimorium, also makes a debut appearance in this anthology, edited by Duane Pesice, Sarah, Walker, and Gordon B. White. Their tireless effort has culminated in a beautifully bound tome, filled with dark, enigmatic words and esoteric tales.

I’m particularly excited about this story of mine, because it was developed initially as historical text, sort of like background data for my own mythos; notes and scribbles if you will. After touching this one up, I re-created it as a prose poem with a narrative. At any rate, read the story for yourself and again, you can order your copy here.

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