Greetings from The Wells,

While it’s been a slow start to the year, I’ve managed to slap together a few prose pieces that I look forward to sharing with the world. Two that I’m particularly excited about, Grotesqueries and Greyspaces and When the Silence Had Eyes (The Saints of Darkness) struck me with a particular chill after I had completed them.

I’m hoping to send the out soon and we’ll see what happens then!

The anthology Trumpland: The Alternative History of the Future is slated to come out within a less than a few months with my prose sequence, Reves des Cyberdieux: A Nation in Three Acts and all proceeds for this anthology are going to benefit charity. Dan Sauer contributed his hand in creating some stunning and visually terrifying artwork. I can’t wait for you all to see it! I also want to thank Michael Parker for his relentless hard work in putting this anthology together.

Spectral Realms #12 comes out very soon (weeks in fact) and I’ll have three prose poems appearing in this issue:
Dream Hackers
-Carrion Dreams
All three play a part in my ongoing Cyber Gods Mythos. Make sure you follow either this post or my previous post to get your copy. The table of contents is stacked with so many fantastic and talented authors.

Until the next update, stay tuned and stay weird!

Greetings everyone!

The Dark Corner is having an inventory sale on issues #2 and #3. My prose piece, “Hazthrog the Mad God” appeared in issue #2.

They have 7 copies of issue 2 and 15 copies of issue 3 left in the store.  After the inventory is gone, they will only be available in digital formats. Follow the link here or click the picture of issue #2 on the sidebar, which will take you to the site.

Thanks again!

Spectral Realms is here, and let’s start with the cover art! Dan Sauer has done it again. The cover is a brilliant macabre portrait designed around a piece of classical art by Albert Joseph Pénot — “La Femme Chauve-Souris” (c. 1890). Dan has outdone himself once again.

The table of contents is stacked with poetry and prose! I’ve attached the entire table of contents because I’m thrilled at the list of contributors. I’ll have three prose pieces, appearing in this issue. Also, this will be the debut appearance of the newest member of the Cyber pantheon, Ghebulax the Faceless One; who appears in a tale bearing its own namesake.

It has been so humbling to continue to associate with this assemblage of strange, dark, and weird voices who come together in some of the most beautifying ways to create truly wondrous literature. I hope to share many more posts like this in the future.

You can purchase copies of Spectral Realms #12 HERE. Check out the table of contents below.



Acrostic Sonnet for Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire / David Barker

Gray / M. F. Webb 

Pilgrim in the Mist / Wade German 

Proem to the Fortress Unvanquishable / Thomas Tyrrell 

Ode to the Great God Pan / Carl E. Reed 

Ghebulax / Maxwell I. Gold 

The Crimson Knight / Scott J. Couturier 

Haematophagy / Ashley Dioses 

Not All of Them Are Ghosts / Darrell Schweitzer 

Poe, on the Morning After / Don Webb

Homage to Creepy / Manuel Pérez-Campos 

Xipe Totec / Deborah L. Davitt 

Necronomicon / Josh Maybrook 

Wretched Raft / Kieran Dacey Boylan 

Satanic Sonata / Manuel Arenas 

Time’s Vulture / Leigh Blackmore 

Urban Renewal / Mike Allen 

Graveside Ghost / Mary Krawczak Wilson 

No One Is Safe / Benjamin Blake 

Minoan Messages / Frank Coffman 

Madhouse Getaway / Manuel Pérez-Campos 

Planet Fetish / Chad Hensley 

Jack in Xanadu / Adam Bolivar 

Genesis / Holly Day 

I Want to Taste October / Ross Balcom 

A Tasty Treat / Adele Gardner 

Beyond the Fields / Andrew J. Wilson 

The Tears of Cerberus / Wade German 

A Witch in the House / Oliver Smith 

The Psychopomp / Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer 

The Plague Queen’s Song / Nicole Cushing 

I’ll Return in Late October / K. A. Opperman 

The Philosophy & Aesthetics of Horror / Carl E. Reed 

Black Wings Return / Michael D. Miller 

Slow the Night Grows Darker / David Sammons 

The Wild Hunt / Chelsea Arrington 

Lines Written in a Providence Churchyard / David Barker 

The God of the Winds / Christina Sng 

Singularity / Curtis M. Lawson 

Dream Hackers / Maxwell I. Gold

The Bedlam Philharmonic / Steven Withrow 

The House (A Conduit) / Mack W. Mani 

The Pack / Scott J. Couturier 

Kiss of Life / Manuel Arenas 

The Last Golem / Allan Rozinski 

A Summoning of Demons / Michelle Jeffrey 

Astral Parasites / Manuel Pérez-Campos 

The Silent Silver Sea / Leigh Blackmore 

Homer Before the Trojan Court / Darrell Schweitzer 

The Witch’s Cat / Deborah L. Davitt 

In Arcadia / Josh Maybrook 

My Loveliest Manticore; or, The Queen of the Lamiae / Wade German

The Conjuring / Frank Coffman 

Wildfires / Christina Sng

Now and Forever / Kieran Dacey Boylan 

Stela of Selos / Scott J. Couturier

Southern Gothic; or, Hillbilly Horror / Carl E. Reed 

The Egyptian Splendor / Ross Balcom 

Carrion Dreams / Maxwell I. Gold