Beware: Some Updates and Other ‘Vague’ News

I’ve come to the realization that updates to my blog are sporadic and inconsistent. Something that I need to work on, though nonetheless I will persist and post when there is news to share. Recently, I’ve had a several stories that are now out in print and available for purchase including Space and Time Magazine #140 which includes my short story When Gods Die, the brilliantly curated anthology from House Blackwood Tales from OmniPark featuring my story, The Fisherman’s Last Call, and the latest issue of Spectral Realms from Hippocampus Press with three new prose poems (there is also a banner image on the side that will take you directly to Hippocampus).

My prose story, Hazthrog’s Contempt also made an appearance in the relaunch of Startling Stories.

I’ll paste the link towards the bottom of this post.

Expanding the Cyber Gods mythos, a story that I completed last year Escape from the House of Asher-Fell which is a dark and twisted romp mixing Gray Gardens, Sunset Boulevard, and puppets (yes, you read that correctly) will make its debut in a new anthology from Inked in Gray. I’m very pleased with this and look forward to sharing it with you all later this summer.

Now, for the ‘news.’ Well, I can’t really share it yet, but there are two exciting opportunities coming up that I will certainly blast all over this page and everywhere else when the time comes. I’m so thankful for the support and welcomeness from all the writers I’ve come to know. Until then, I’ll leave it at that.

Here are the links for the above mentioned stories and poems.

Space and Time #140

Tales from OmniPark

Spectral Realms #14

Startling Stories

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