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There’s so much to talk about. I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll start with the fantastic news (old news now) of my second poetry collection Bleeding Rainbows an Other Broken Spectrums which will be released next year from Hex Publishers. This was announced in June to coincide with Pride Month, but it’s been such an exciting project and I’m grateful to Josh Viola at Hex whose pushed me to try new things while working on this book. It will have my usual cosmic flare with explorations in the homoerotic and gay / queer culture.

There have been moments while writing this collection, that I’ve found new (or hidden) parts of myself that I didn’t know existed or rather were buried inside as we (humans) tend to do. I can’t wait to share with everyone. It is scheduled to come out some time in the middle or late next year, but that will be announced later.

Josh has also done an amazing job (speechless really) with the cover art for this collection as well as sourcing a truly mind-blowing artist to do the interior artwork. I can’t share much at this point, but I know you’ll love it.

Preorders are available now through the publishers website here. I will update my Books Page soon with the preorder information soon.

I’m also pleased to announce I will have a chapbook of prose poems to be released in 2023 through Interstellar Flight Press titled AnOther Mythology. This collection will focus on myths and legends told through the lens of otherness with a queer bend to them. I’ve been wanting to do this project for a long time and was very excited when I pitched it to Holly at StokerCon this past May. Another happy development too, I have the chance to work with Dan Sauer again (cover artist for Oblivion in Flux) who is the owner / founder of Jackanapes Press.

Please check out Dan’s work and his press. He puts out quality work and even more so, prints some of the best names in weird fiction!

I have to thank Holly Walrath for her support on this project. Check out the wonderfully kind press release at Interstellar Flight Magazine!

July was not only my birthday month but also the RELEASE for OTHER TERRORS! I, like many of the contributors, have been waiting for a long time to see this book come to print. It’s been quite the journey and the story I wrote for this anthology Black Screams, Yellow Stars combines many feelings I have for the time we’re living though as well as my own personal distaste against racism and anti-Semitism.

Without spoiling too much, I can say the story was based on a letter written shortly after the founding of the Ku Klux Klan in 1868. The United States was still grappling with Reconstruction, tensions were acrimoniously high, and well, you get the rest. The letter, from a book of correspondences by Jewish immigrants was simply titled: Double Lynching of a Jew and Negro.

Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology is available online and in bookstores near you, and features my short story Black Screams, Yellow Stars.

I’ve had what seems like a lot of acceptances and half of them I feel like I can’t talk about yet, (so forgive the vagebooking) but back in February I was honored to learn my prose poem The Gates of Katharion was chosen to appear in the Sword and Sorcery edition of Weird Tales Magazine (ed. Jonathan Maberry). Among many of the great weird poets who’ve influenced me, Robert E. Howard is up there and I wanted to write something that tried to capture his particular flare. The issue does not have a scheduled release date at this time.

I will also have a few prose poems in upcoming anthologies edited by Bram Stoker Award winning editor Eugene Johnson! I’m looking forward to these projects Attack from the 80’s Remix and Amazing Tales of Terror!

My prose piece Refrigerated Nightmares appeared in the May issue of Cosmic Horror Monthly which is still available for purchase. I’m grateful to Charles Tyra for taking the piece.

The latest issue of Spectral Realms (ed. S.T. Joshi) from Hippocampus Press is also available which featured two prose poems of mine A Promise for Today and When Cyber Things Return. (Cover design by the incredible Dan Sauer.)

Also today, the latest issue of Lovecraftiana Magazine – the Lammas Eve Edition – is available which feature two prose poems of mine The Mesonoxian and Ad’Naigon’s Punishment (I Will Not Stop). I’m pleased to see the Cyber Gods getting some more attention.

Check out the link here for the full ToC!

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