“I am Someday: A Novella of Broken Stars” coming in 2024

I have been working on a very important novella that explores this dark period in human history. A period that while seems far from us in time feels as if we’re walking parallel to the evils of almost hundred years ago.

Yesterday marked 80 years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising when on April 19th 1943, SS Commanders ordered buildings burned block by block resulting in the death, suffocation, and extermination of 13,000 Jews who refused to capitulate to the Nazis.

The book is titled I am Someday: A Novella of Broken Stars and will be released by Madness Heart Press in 2024. It follows Death itself as cosmic witness to the human horrors of the Holocaust and small miracles like stars that managed to sparkle in the midst of such vile hatred.

Someday is a personification of death I’ve worked on and used in my poetry and short stories. This novella has allowed me to explore and expand it in a much more cosmic and personal way than with my other works of fiction.

Also, this was one of the hardest pieces of long fiction I’ve written and will also be the first novella I’ve had published. It’s a very important subject to me and one that I feel need to be talked about. I’m looking forward to sharing more on this with you all soon.

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