Kindle pre-orders are now available for Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose, my debut prose poetry collection with introduction by Bram Stoker Award winner and SFPA Grandmaster, Linda Addison and stunning cover art by Dan Sauer. The collection will be released by Crystal Lake Publishing early August.

Pre-order info can be found here.

There’s a bit of nervous trepidation of the fact that soon, I’ll be holding a physical book with my poetry in hand. I’m so grateful to Linda Addison, my mentor for always pushing me to try new things and especially Joe Mynhardt for having faith in not only my work, but in the Cyber Gods. Dan Sauer has also taken the mystery and dread of my prose, personifying it into something alien, spectral, and hypnotic.

The world of the Cyber Gods grew out of shadows and mirrors almost randomly, without purpose but slowly, something, taking shape in the words like a creature rising from the murky swamps birthed what would become cyber prose. You’ll have to read the collection to learn more about that term.

I know it’s taken me a bit to make an official post to my site, but I’m truly excited to announce (again) that I am collaborating with Bram Stoker Award nominated author and Editor-in-Chief of Space and Time Magazine, Angela Yuriko Smith, on a new book of call and response poems titled Mobius Lyrics.

Angela has acted an unofficial mentor and I’m grateful to have developed a close friendship with her, too. I’m looking forward to sharing these poems when the time comes and… to posting more often here.

Until then, write on!