I’m shocked with an excited sense of disbelief to learn that FIVE (yes, five) of my poems and a short story made Ellen Datlow’s long list for recommendations for Best Horror # 14.

Two poems from ‘Oblivion in Flux’ and three poems from Spectral Realms! I was also excited to see my short story ‘The Fisherman’s Last Call’ which appeared in Tales from OmniPark anthology.

Gold Maxwell I. “Of Masks and Monsters,” (poem) Oblivion in Flux.

Gold Maxwell I. “Strings in the Dark,” (poem) Oblivion in Flux.

Gold, Maxwell I. “Laughter Out of the Sea,” (poem) Spectral Realms 15 summer.

Gold, Maxwell I. “Nightmare of Ink, Dreams in Blood,” (poem) Spectral Realms 14 winter.

Gold, Maxwell I. “Of Masks and Monsters,” (poem) Spectral Realms 15 summer.

Gold, Maxwell I. “The Fisherman’s Last Call,”Tales From Omnipark.

I have so much respect for Ellen and her work in the horror community, this means a great deal to me, words cannot do justice to how I am feeling right now.

My next poetry book Möbius Lyrics, written in collaboration with Bram Stoker award winner Angela Yuriko Smith is almost here! Until then, I can share with you this spectacular cover!

We’re both thrilled to finally bring this book to life and share it with the world. I can’t stress enough, how much of a joy it was to write these poems with Angela. Möbius is a collection of call and response poetry and will be released by award winning small press Independent Legions.

Cover art designed by Alessandro Amoruso

It’s Halloween Time and there’s always something to do! The spooky season is upon us, the work is piling up (happily) and I’m eager to announce a few more projects that will come to print soon.

I will have a sonnet titled I Demand the City of Flesh which will appear in the highly anticipated anthology Shakespeare Unleashed from Monstorus Books, edited by James Aquilone! Not only that, but I had the distinct pleasure of writing this sonnet as an accompanying piece to John Palisano’s Merchant of Venice-impaired short story A Pound of Flesh.

Pre-orders are available now for Shakespeare Unleashed and you can check out the link here

Additionally, preorders for Weird Tales no. 366 the sword and sorcery issue are also available now! I’m seriously still over the moon to have a poem in Weird Tales, let alone this issue. My poem is titled “The Gates of Katharion.”

Check out the full ToC here:

Michael Moorcock

Neil Gaiman

Kevin J. Anderson

Weston Ochse

Marguerite Reed

Bruce Boston

Greg Cox

Dana Fredsti & David Fitzgerald

Teel James Glenn

Maxwell I. Gold

Howard Andrew Jones

Brian W. Matthews

Greg Mollin

James A. Moore

Charles R. Rutledge

Jane Yolen

There’s more brewing the background that I cannot announce yet, but I plan to make some announcements about my forthcoming poetry collections Möbius Lyrics from Independent Legions with Angela Yuriko Smith and Bleeding Rainbows from Hex Publishers, soon.

More poetry to come! Stay weird and keep on writing!