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Mr. Miyagi’s Soggy Cereal: Tribute Anthology for Jordan Krall TOC Announced!

It’s always a pleasure to be involved in a charitable anthology. Creating art to help another. I’m really happy to contribute to this project, despite not knowing ‘Boss Krall’ as I’ve heard him so lovingly called, the love and support is felt.

I’ll have two prose poems in this charitable anthology, ‘The Rave at Lilith’s Treehouse’ and ‘Grotesqueries and Greyspaces.’

The book will be published by Donald Armfield’s outfit, Hybrid Sequence Media, with a host of talented writers, poets, and authors who’ve come together to create a colorful table of contents. I’ll post more information here when the anthology is available for purchase!

In the meantime, take a look at this awesome table of contents:

Philip LoPresti – Foreword 
Matt Leyshon – The Bastard Giraffe 
Kent Hill – Attack of the Cannibals
Edward Morris – Arolimax Columbianus
Amy Vaughn – Happiness Man
Ben Fitts – The Riffmaster General 
Duane Pesice – Widebirth
Catfish McDaris – The Impala
Ben Arzate – The Breast Cancer Shines like a Sun
Ben Arzate – The Woman’s Corpse
Jason Morton – Screaming at the Sky
John Claude Smith – Mikey was a Race Car Driver 
Andrew Coulthard – Three Thousand Words 
Ashley Dioses – Pulse
Ashley Dioses – Twitch
<Intermission> two pieces of art by Matt Leyshon
Dav Crabes – Episode-Length Victim Management
Ian Delacroix – The Man of the Crosses
Jonathan Moon – The Witch in the Orchard
KA Opperman – With All the Grace of Sin 
Lee Widener – Flapjacks in the Sky
Jonathan Moon – Rattle the Cage and Make the Hamsters Dance
Ivy Valori – Monster
Michael Noe – Mitch’s Brain
Indy Linebarger – Space Jazz
Indy Linebarger – Noir Intent
Jenn Zed – 4 Year Older Than Lovecraft
S.C. Burke – Dead Rabbits
Maxwell I. Gold – Grotesqueries and Greyspaces
Maxwell I. Gold – The Rave at Lilith’s Treehouse
Scott Couturier – I Am Haunted
Wayne-Daniel Berard – Harry Potter and the Past
Phoenix – Anguish 
Phoenix – Red Shirt 
R.N. Oxley – She Loved Me
Sharon Ferrante – Painted Renaissance
Tom Over – The Comfort Zone
Vincenzo Bilof – The Consideration

Some Notes on the Cyber Gods #1:

Earlier, I was having a discussion with another author about the Cyber Gods. He was asking me questions like are the Cyber Gods more machine like, what do they look like etc. This was the first time in awhile I’ve deeply reflected on the mythos. When John Linwood Grant interviewed me for Greydogtales, my initial answer was that the mythos itself developed as a literary and philosophical experiment. I think that phrase still holds true to a point. 

From Ad’Naigon, the dying yellow neutron star, dwelling fourteen billion years at the beginning of time to Hazthrog swirling in bacterial pods floating in our conscious nightmares, the Cyber Gods have always been there. While the gods themselves are presented in dark and sinister forms, still they are metaphors forged in ideas of Deleuzian desiring machines yearning for a kind of literary actualization, mixing the attitudes and desires of the narrators, readers, etc.

The mythos was never really about the Cyber Gods themselves, but rather the literary actualization of the reader or the narrator, and how they saw themselves on the other side of the metaphor in relation to the Cyber Gods. What do they look like? How do they sound? Why do we perceive them in these forms or personify them like this? Etc… I suppose that is where the weird cosmic nihilism comes into play, distancing that connection between Cyber God and man.

To the author’s earlier question posed to me, it is something that’s constantly changing and shifting. It is the entropic nature of the Cyber Gods which, in my view, makes them so terrifying, because they can and never will be the same. And not merely because the metaphor may change, but because our perception of them will change. There will never be permanence, no matter how much we try to justify it or apply our concept of reality towards it. That is what the metaphor and concept of the Cyber Gods represents.

Though, going one step further, I feel it would be limiting the Cyber Gods even if I were to say that this were to the grand sum total of their metaphor, especially if it is changing, growing, evolving. Who am I to say, as the creator, that this literary experiment should be represented in a binary relationship only ? Permanence or change. Birth or death. Entropy or Enthalpy. Etc.

I added a number one to the title of this post because I may consider more of these rants. Or not. I am not sure.

Until then… Stay inside. Stay Safe. And Stay weird!