My Works

Prose and Short Stories:

Ad’Naigon, Spectral Realms #7 2017, Hippocampus Press, New York, NY.

Cyber ThingsThe Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue #6 , 2018

The Old White CroneWeirdbook Magazine Issue #40 2018, Wildside Press, Rockville, MD.

The Price of Admission, Caravans Awry Anthology  2018, Planet X Publishers, Vacaville, CA.

The Twentieth Day: Ad’Naigon’s BreathHinnom Magazine #009 2018, Gehenna & Hinnom Books.

Eton’s Last Will and Testament32 White Horses Volume 1, Charity Anthology Planet X Publishers, Vacaville, CA

The Ghost of Ghould, Can You Feel It? Issue #44 Sirens Call Publications 2019, Sirens Call Publications.

The God of Phlegm, Spectral Realms Issue #11 2019, Hippocampus Press, New York, NY.

The Helmet of Pluto, Eternal Haunted Summer – 2019 Summer Solstice Issue.  

Credible Fear, The Offbeat Magazine Spring Volume 2019, Michigan State Department of Creative Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture, Lansing, MI.

Hazthrog the Mad God, The Dark Corner Zine Issue #2 2019, The Dark Corner Zine

Four Million Years, Space and Time Magazine issue #134, Space and Time Magazine, 2019.

"From the depths of burning Time, dead stars fall, into the Wells."

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