Greetings from the Wells

I wanted to make a special post for a Kickstarter campaign that is going on right now. Duane Pesice is raising funds for his new anthology Sabbath Bloody Sabbath! which will be the first publication from his new publishing house, Oxygen Man Books. Duane is a prolific author and has brought together many brilliant and talented writers for this spectacular Black Sabbath themed collection. Also, who doesn’t love horror stories themed around Black Sabbath.

Many of these writers are also my friends and colleagues and I would personally love, to see this endeavor flourish and make it to print.

Every little bit helps, even if it is a small amount. Also, even if you cannot manage a donation, share the link and spread the word!

Here is the link for the Kickstarter campaign: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!

Fearfully Yrs,

Maxwell I. Gold

Side One:

Black Sabbath – Nathan Carson 

Wicked World – Can Wiggins 

A Bit of Finger – Tony McMillen

N. I. B. – Sean M. Thompson 

War Pigs – Ross E. Lockhart

Paranoid – Debra Robinson 

Planet Caravan – Andrew Reichart

Iron Man – Sarah Walker 

Electric Funeral – Farah Rose Smith 

Rat Salad – Jill Hand

Fairies Wear Boots – K. A. Opperman

Hand of Doom – William Tea

Side Two:

Sweet Leaf – John Claude Smith

Children of the Grave – Ashley Dioses 

Into the Void – John Paul Fitch

Wheels of Confusion – Christopher Ropes

Supernaut – Jordan Krall

Spiral Architect – Duane Pesice

Hole In The Sky – Shayne Keen

All Moving Parts (Stand Still) – Scott J. Couturier

Cardinal Sin — Don Webb

TV Crimes – S. L. Edwards

Bonus Track: 

The Butlerian Jihad — Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

Greetings from the Wells,

I’m happy to report that our first poetry night for the Ohio Chapter of the Horror Writer’s Association was a hit! I want to thank everyone that came out to be a part and those who were brave enough to read.

I read two prose poems, “Ad’Naigon” which appeared in issue #7 of Spectral Realms and “Cyber Things” which also appeared in issue #6 of The Audient Void: A Journal for Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy. On a personal note, I don’t like the sound of my own voice, so I have not listened to these, but please feel free to enjoy! They sounded much more terrifying on paper and in my head.

Fearfully Yrs,

Maxwell I. Gold

Greetings from the Wells,

If you are in the Central Ohio area tonight, make sure to stop in and have some coffee while indulging in some dark prose and poetry from members of the Ohio Horror Writer’s Association. I’ll be reading a couple pieces from Spectral Realms issue #7 and issue #6 of The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy.

The event starts at 6:30 pm. See you there!

Fearfully Yrs,

Maxwell I. Gold