Weirdbook Magazine Issue 40 now available: The Old White Crone

Hello Weird Ones!

I’m happy to report that Weirdbook #40 is available for purchase. My poem, “The Old White Crone” will be in this issue.

Edited by Douglas Draa, Weirdbook Magazine is a pulp classic relaunch and an excellent compilation of weird short stories and poetry.

Check out issue 40 here:

Pre-Order your copy of Caravans Awry Anthology now!

There is still time, get your preorders in for newest anthology form Planet X Publishers, Caravans Awry. This publication will be featuring an excellent line of veteran authors and new ones.

You can pre order in the link below.

The table of contents includes short stories and poems from:

Michael Adams, Adam Bolivar, Frank Coffman, Scott Couturier, Ashley Dioses,
Sam L Edwards, John Paul Fitch, Maxwell Gold, John Linwood Grant,
Jill Hand, Shayne Keen, Ted Morgan, KA Opperman, Duane Pesice, Peter Rawlik, Ralph Rotten,
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Alan Sessler, Matthew St. Cyr, William Tea, Sean M. Thompson, Sarah Walker, Can Wiggins, and secret guests.

Art being fashioned by JB Lee and Derek Pegritz.

You can reserve a copy of the strange fruit of their labors here — simply select the type of book(s) you want and pledge an appropriate figure:
2.00 gets you an ebook.
15.00 gets you a paperback and an ebook.
25.00 gets you a hardcover and an ebook.

Make sure to check back here for more and to follow he Caravans Awry Facebook page!

Fearfully Yrs,

M. Gold



My Lovecraft Musical is on PGttCM Podcast Episode 801: Azathoth!

I have some wonderful news and happy to share with everyone.  I am going to be talking about my upcoming musical, “I am Providence: the Lovecraft Musical” on the podcast, “The People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos” or so simply dubbed, PGttCM. The is a wonderful forum for those who have a literary passion for weird fiction and supernatural or cosmic horror.

After personally listening to several of the episodes myself, I believe the pdocasts’ host, DB Spitzer, does an excellent job at keeping an archival memory of Lovecraftian literature, while propagating a forum for scholarship and conversation.

I’m very happy to have a voice on this show!

Tune in and support PGttCM!

NEW Caravans Awry Anthology!

Come one! Come all! Come see the evil lurking under the big top! Planet X Publishers, the creators of the Test Patterns and Creature Features anthologies are boiling up a brand new publication.

Caravans Awry is a carnival themed anthology set during the 1960’s, taking place along historic Route 66 through a series of unconnected stories about an evil circus. I know, pretty right? I already bought my copies…

There is a wonderful line up of contributors for this upcoming anthology:

  • Michael Adams
  • Adam Bolivar
  • Scott Couturier
  • Ashley Dioses
    Sam L Edwards
  • John Paul Fitch
  • Maxwell Gold
  • John Linwood Grant
  • Jill Hand
  • Ted Morgan
  • KA Opperman
  • Duane Pesice
  • Peter Rawlik
  • Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
  • Russell Smeaton
  • William Tea
  • Sarah Walker
  • Can Wiggins

Please support this wonderfully dark new publication by going to the Caravans Awry GoFundMe Page.

2.00 gets you an ebook.
15.00 gets you a paperback and an ebook.
25.00 gets you a hardcover and an ebook.

Table of Contents for Startling Stories #1! “Hazthrog’s Contempt”

A relaunch of the pulp magazine classic, “Startling Stories” edited by Douglas Draa. My prose piece Hazthrog’s Contempt is slated to be featured in this upcoming publication!

The original magazine ran from 1939 to 1955 and was published Ned Pines’ Standard Magazines.

The magazine saw literary titans such as Arthur C. Clarke and his story Against the Fall of Night, including the father of science fiction, Isaac Asimov

Check out the full contents below and make sure you follow on their facebook page:

Startling Stories 1


Cradle of the Deep By Mike Chinn 
Invasion of the Deadly Brain from Alpha IX By Scott Emerson
Evidence in the Mirror By Herb Kauderer
Mothership By Stephen Persing
Payload By M. Stern
New Life By Mark Slade
Red Dragon By Shadrick Beechem
Snack time By Franklyn Searight
Amiri By Nicloe Kurtz
Sticks and Stones By John B. Rosenman
T. Gips and the Time Flies By Ahmed A. Khan
The Angry Planet By DJ Tyrer
The Blood Red Sky of Mars By Adrian Cole
The Heart of a Hitman By Rie Sheridan Rose
The Kidnapped Prince By Cynthia Ward
The Outpost, Outside By Larry Hinkle
The Vaults of Ban-Erach By Steve Dilks
Totality By Andre E. Harewood
Triplet Cross By Patrick S. Baker
Sea Bound-1 By Eddie D. Moore
Defiant, Deviant, Devoid of Soul By Russel Hemmell


Carrion Rush By Phil Emery
Hazthrog’s Contempt By Max Gold

“Cyber Things” to appear in: The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy

I am very pleased to announce that my prose piece, “Cyber Things” will be published in the forthcoming issue of The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy.

The journal is edited and printed by Obadiah Baird. I’m very excited and humbled to have a piece released in this publication.

You can find more information at their site:

More details to come soon!

Fearfully Yrs,

M.I. Gold

Musical Updates!!!


The show is going well and as some of you have heard I am headed to New York to perform a few songs from the show. This is not the song I’ll be performing.


It is still a work in progress and I am making a lot of headway. I am not sure if this song will make it in the show in it’s current form, however I wanted to give everyone a little peek.

Title: The Ivory Towers [Working Title]

Music and Lyrics by: Maxwell I. Gold

Piano and Vocals: Peter Tender



M.I. Gold