Very happy to report that House of Stitched Magazine is available for purchase. The whopping 150+ page publication includes new fiction, non-fiction articles, and interviews from Brian Keene, Dacre Stoker, Jonathan Janz, James A. Moore, Rami Ungar, and others.

I’m thrilled to have some brand new poetry as well an interview in this publication. Being one of my first interviews, I was, and still am unnerved but mostly excited and humbled to be able to share these pages with friends and mutual colleagues. Lisa Vasquez has done an absolutely fantastic job at meticulously crafting this magazine, ensuring that every aspect of the artists’ vision if captured while producing a truly exquisite periodical.

Print Copy: here

Kindle: here

My two prose poems Unable to Run, Unable to Die and Dracula’s Machine will appear in print for the first time in this issue.

I’m always happy to see the newest issue of Spectral Realms from Hippocampus Press! From the product description, ST Joshi had some kind words to say about the poems I have in this issue. “Among the prose poems in this issue, Maxwell I. Gold contributes a trio of his striking ruminations on the terrors of the cyber world.”

My three prose poems in this issue, “Laughter Out of the Sea,” “Télos: The Anxiety of Choice”, and “Of Masks and Monsters.”

See link here to order.

Also, stunning cover art by the incomparable Dan Sauer. His artwork always exudes an exquisite and literary beauty, conveyed in every single detail.

Kindle pre-orders are now available for Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose, my debut prose poetry collection with introduction by Bram Stoker Award winner and SFPA Grandmaster, Linda Addison and stunning cover art by Dan Sauer. The collection will be released by Crystal Lake Publishing early August.

Pre-order info can be found here.

There’s a bit of nervous trepidation of the fact that soon, I’ll be holding a physical book with my poetry in hand. I’m so grateful to Linda Addison, my mentor for always pushing me to try new things and especially Joe Mynhardt for having faith in not only my work, but in the Cyber Gods. Dan Sauer has also taken the mystery and dread of my prose, personifying it into something alien, spectral, and hypnotic.

The world of the Cyber Gods grew out of shadows and mirrors almost randomly, without purpose but slowly, something, taking shape in the words like a creature rising from the murky swamps birthed what would become cyber prose. You’ll have to read the collection to learn more about that term.