I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve written a meaningful post. There’s a lot going on from novella projects I’m currently working on to a new book of poetry and a recent prose poetry acceptance that has me over the moon.

I’m finally able to announce that my prose poe, No More Prying Eyes, a dark piece about the ancient geographical origins of the city of gold has been accepted for inclusion into the latest anthology from Hex Publishers; Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas. As I’ve already noted a few times on social media, this acceptance marks a moment for me, where I feel like I’ve stepped into some unknown, yet exciting territory.

Shadow Atlas will be edited by Carina Bissett, Hillary Dodge, and Josh Viola with covert art by award winning artist Aaron Lovett.

Currently, I’ve been collaborating with Bram Stoker nominated author Angela Yuriko Smith on a book collection of call and response poems titled Möbius Lyrics. Angela has a unique, vivid, and raw style really shines when we’re working together on these various poems. I’m honored to have the chance to work with her. Recently, Angela contributed a short story to the Shirley Jackson Award nominated collection Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women edited by Lee Murray and Gene Flynn. Again, we’re so excited to be working on this book and plan to release it in 2022.

A few more acceptances grazed my inbox over the last couple of months too. My prose poem, The Great Parade will appear in issue 16 of Spectral Realms from Hippocampus Press and my short story The Face of Reithan Aftergott is slated to be published in the 2022 Halloween issue of Lovecraftiana Magazine from Rogue Planet Press. I also had a poem, The Cyber God’s Throne appear in issue #54 of The Sirens Call eZine.

I was honored to have the opportunity to be interviewed as a featured guest in House of Stitched The Magazine for the August issue. Three prose poems, Unable to Run, Unable to Die and Dracula’s Machine will also be featured in the magazine alongside interviews and fiction from Dacre Stoker, Jonathan Janz, Brian Keene, James A. Moore, and others.

While this year has not seemed as prolific as 2020, there is a greater feeling of growth as a poet and writer more than I’ve felt in a long time.

In addition, there are several novella projects I’m working on:

The Unspeakable: A Cyberland Tale – Most of the poems I’ve written either through purpose or chance are connected in some way, so I decided to write a novella that connects them in a world where the Cyber Gods and Naigoths dwell. The story has a Jack Vance feel, but with some modern twists.

Shattered Pantheons – A Novella of Billion Nowheres – This concept was brewing in my head for quite some time and personified itself with numerous title changes and various rewrites. While the Cyber Gods make an appearance in this story, it’s growing to be more of a cosmic Dante’s Inferno.

At any rate, we’ll see where these projects take me. I’ll do my best to post with some more frequency.

Also, Kindle preorders for my debut prose poetry collection Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose are available now and you can find the link to order here.

Kindle pre-orders are now available for Oblivion in Flux: A Collection of Cyber Prose, my debut prose poetry collection with introduction by Bram Stoker Award winner and SFPA Grandmaster, Linda Addison and stunning cover art by Dan Sauer. The collection will be released by Crystal Lake Publishing early August.

Pre-order info can be found here.

There’s a bit of nervous trepidation of the fact that soon, I’ll be holding a physical book with my poetry in hand. I’m so grateful to Linda Addison, my mentor for always pushing me to try new things and especially Joe Mynhardt for having faith in not only my work, but in the Cyber Gods. Dan Sauer has also taken the mystery and dread of my prose, personifying it into something alien, spectral, and hypnotic.

The world of the Cyber Gods grew out of shadows and mirrors almost randomly, without purpose but slowly, something, taking shape in the words like a creature rising from the murky swamps birthed what would become cyber prose. You’ll have to read the collection to learn more about that term.

Last year I did a poetry reading at the Necronomicon and still, to this day I’m shocked how I made it through. I don’t like the sound of my own voice, but this recording came out alright.

I present for your enjoyment, my reading of my own piece, ‘Ghebulax’ the Faceless Cyber God, which appeared in Spectral Realms issue 12. A special thanks to Alan Sessler for adding some of the effects and the title image.