I was recently interviewed by the Columbus Jewish News where I talk about writing, my connections to Judaism and my new story ‘Black Screams, Yellow Stars’ which will be published in the HWA anthology ‘Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology’ from Mariner Books edited by Vince Liaguno and Rena Mason!

You can read the full interview here! (Page 16)

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It’s been a minute since I’ve made a post, but I’m very excited for this announcement. The table of contents for the Horror Writer’s Association anthology Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology is here! The anthology will be published by Mariner Books an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and will be edited by Bram Stoker winners Rena Mason and Vince Liaguno.

You can find the official announcement from the publisher and preorder information for the book here.

The table of contents includes a stunning lineup of authors:

• Holly Walrath with “The Asylum”
• Denise Dumars with “Scrape”
• Annie Neugebauer with “Churn the Unturning Tide”
• Nathan Carson with “Help, I’m a Cop”
• M.E. Bronstein with “The Voice of Nightingales”
• Shanna Heath with “Miss Infection USA”
• Michael H. Hanson with “Night Shopper”
• Jonathan Lees with “It Comes in Waves”
• Maxwell Ian Gold with “Black Screams, Yellow Stars”
• Hailey Piper with “The Turning”

These exceptional stories from our HWA members will join previously announced esteemed contributors:

• Tananarive Due with “Incident at Bear Creek Lodge”
• Shawn A. Cosby with “What Blood Hath Wrought”
• Alma Katsu with “Waste Not”
• Stephen Graham Jones with “Tiddlywinks”
• Jennifer McMahon with “Idiot Girls”
• Michael Thomas Ford with “Where the Lovelight Gleams”
• Ann Dávila Cardinal with “Invasive Species”

Rounding out this outstanding TOC, the following talented authors will also be joining the OTHER TERRORS lineup:

• Usman Mlk with “Mud Flappers”
• Gabino Iglesias with “There’s Always Something in the Woods”
• Eugen Bacon with “The Devil Don’t Come with Horns”
• Larissa Glasser with “Kalkriese”
• Tracy A Cross with “All Not Ready”
• Linda D Addison with her poem “Illusions of the De-Evolved”
• Christina Sng with her poem “Other Fears”