Last year I began a collaboration with Hybrid Sequence Media, a small publisher owned by Donald Armfield, to create and edited an anthology focused on hybrids. The anthology features stories and poetry centered around this concept from the most literal sense to philosophical terrors to environmental horrors that tug at the heartstrings of our time.

The book will be edited by Donald Armfield and myself with cover art by Luke Spooner and an introduction by the king of monsters himself, James Aquilone, editor of the Classic Monsters Unleashed anthology.

Check out the full Table of Contents:

Short Stories and Poetry by:

As Dark the Night – Nicole Givens Kurtz Nicole Smith

Clawing Through Mud as More Leaves Silt Down, as Plastic Bags, as Cast-Off Bottles – Romie Stott

Fracking-lution (p)- Linda D Addison

Home is Where the Howl Is – John Claude Smith

Hopital Automatique – D. Harlan Wilson

How Does Your Garden Grow (p)- Gene Flynn

It Calls to You – Jamal Hodge

Kolkata’s Little Girl (p)- Alessandro Manzetti

Madre Tempesta – John Palisano

MAERO (p)- Lee Murray

Making Friends – Angela Yuriko Smith

Mother Eve- Marge Simon

My Father’s Ashes- Philip Fracassi

Raven-Wolf – Cindy O’Quinn

Ruination of the Gods – Chris McAuley and Claudia Christian

Savages Anonymous – Alicia Hilton

Scoocoom – Michael Knost

Slo-Mo – Michael Bailey

Strange Progeny (p)- Bruce Boston

Vis-a-vis – Jeffrey Thomas


I had the opportunity to sit down with Bram Stoker Award nominated author and editor of the HWA Poetry blog, David E. Cowen the other day and speak a little about the mechanics of prose poetry, the reason or unreason of the Cyber Gods and where it all fits into the subgenre of Weird Poetry.

You can read the full interview here. It was quite a rewarding exercise being able to talk about the how and why of my prose style.

I’m beginning to post a little more frequently here and will have a longer update coming soon talking about an anthology I’m currently editing (the Kickstarter is live and you can learn more here), some poetry that is forthcoming in Strange Horizons as well as an amazing book from Hex Publishers that I’m thrilled to have a piece in.

Very happy to report that House of Stitched Magazine is available for purchase. The whopping 150+ page publication includes new fiction, non-fiction articles, and interviews from Brian Keene, Dacre Stoker, Jonathan Janz, James A. Moore, Rami Ungar, and others.

I’m thrilled to have some brand new poetry as well an interview in this publication. Being one of my first interviews, I was, and still am unnerved but mostly excited and humbled to be able to share these pages with friends and mutual colleagues. Lisa Vasquez has done an absolutely fantastic job at meticulously crafting this magazine, ensuring that every aspect of the artists’ vision if captured while producing a truly exquisite periodical.

Print Copy: here

Kindle: here

My two prose poems Unable to Run, Unable to Die and Dracula’s Machine will appear in print for the first time in this issue.