I’m always happy to see the newest issue of Spectral Realms from Hippocampus Press! From the product description, ST Joshi had some kind words to say about the poems I have in this issue. “Among the prose poems in this issue, Maxwell I. Gold contributes a trio of his striking ruminations on the terrors of the cyber world.”

My three prose poems in this issue, “Laughter Out of the Sea,” “Télos: The Anxiety of Choice”, and “Of Masks and Monsters.”

See link here to order.

Also, stunning cover art by the incomparable Dan Sauer. His artwork always exudes an exquisite and literary beauty, conveyed in every single detail.

Last year I did a poetry reading at the Necronomicon and still, to this day I’m shocked how I made it through. I don’t like the sound of my own voice, but this recording came out alright.

I present for your enjoyment, my reading of my own piece, ‘Ghebulax’ the Faceless Cyber God, which appeared in Spectral Realms issue 12. A special thanks to Alan Sessler for adding some of the effects and the title image.