I’m pleased to announce that Spectral Realms from Hippocampus Press is now available!

I’m flabbergasted to see this table of contents, not to mention extremely excited to see the international representation of poets from Russia to Singapore, Germany, and Vietnam. The table of contents also, includes so many people I’ve come to know and respect as friends and colleagues, so I can’t stress enough how much you need to get this issue.

Though, I will however, take a moment to call out Dan Sauer’s incredible cover art that evokes a kind of ghostly absinthe-like ghoul.

The latest issue features three prose poems of mine, City of Skulls, The Variant, and Where the New Gods Dwell.

Check out the full table of contents and order a copy HERE.

I struggled greatly on how to start this post. I’m sure as many have already heard, Gehenna and Hinnom Books has closed their doors and the weird fiction world has lost a real jewel. I’m not going to talk about anything relating to Gehenna & Hinnom, or any business matters therein.

Bittersweetly, this post is meant as an open letter to a dear friend, C.P. Dunphey. One filled with sincere gratitude and hope.

Thank you, Charles. Thank you for being a consistent well of enthusiasm, hope, and motivation. When we met I was still very new to the writing community, and you were welcoming and uplifting, a haven for new voices and ideas. You cradled the Cyber Gods before they even left their ancient galactic abodes, giving them a chance. And you gave me a chance, helping me to step out of the shadows ever so slightly and into the light.

This is not a time for sadness, but one for hope, even if it is bittersweet. So, thank you for believing in me, Charles. Thank you for believing in independent authors and maybe one day, we’ll find ourselves wandering through the Valley of Gehenna and Hinnom again .

Your dear friend,


Greetings from the Wells!

As previously mentioned, I’d planned on a brief renovation of the site. It’s mostly cosmetic and some changes to the layout. There will be some more pages coming in the near future, but the biggest refresh I’m excited about and as can be seen on the main page, is the stunning artwork crafted by none other than, Daniel V. Sauer.

You can find his work here at Dan Sauer Designs. If you need book cover designs or a website refresh, I’d recommend Dan one thousand times over.

Logo design, graphic designer, corporate identity Logo

I’d initially asked him to design something that embodied the spirit and terror of the Cyber Gods, and boy, did he surely deliver. The subsequent ‘logo’, is titled Ad’Naigon, the Yellow Star. It was the first Cyber God to come into existence, a burning gold neutron star some fourteen billion years ago.

I can’t thank Dan enough for this and this is a pretty nice birthday gift I’d say. Take a look around, most everything is where it used to be. There’s a static home page and some easily navigable menu bars.

Stay weird and write on!